Your child can be the star of their very own story with Tinyme’s Personalised Books!

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Ask any author and they'll tell you how tough it is to get your name in print. But as proponents of instant gratification and cute-on-demand, we've come up with a way to bypass all that hard work: Tinyme's personalised kids' books. Name-dropping just got taken to a whole new level!

If your kiddo has always longed for a life involving adventures with musical pandas, dancing cupcakes, swimming donuts and table tennis-playing vegetables, then they'll get a kick out of being the sidekick to Cheeky Monkey, our simian hero extraordinaire. And you thought Enid Blyton had a good thing going.

Did we mention our children's story book range is educational? We're not monkeying around when we say those ABCs and 1-2-3s will get a working out in amongst all the zany adventure. But don't worry: just like the zucchini you put in your chocolate cake, we'll keep the “educational” bit a secret.